Police accepts failure in probe


Azizabad arms recovery case

Staff Reporter

Karachi—Like many other previous cases, the high-profile case of arms recovery from an Azizabad house, met its natural death, as police submitted a note before court Tuesday that no further enquiry was possible into the case.
Trumpets were blown when police and Rangers had dug out hug cache of arms and ammunition from an Azizabad house, close to 90 headquarter of Altaf Hussain and MQM.
It was shown as NATO dump that included anti-aircraft guns, and several other heavy arms, which the outgoing Governor Ishratul Ebad had claimed was collected to fight the army, and for massacre of people in Karachi.
But within two months, investigations into the matter were abandoned as police said it could not locate the sources of ammunition dump located in the basement of a house. Neither could it identify people behind the nefarious activity. The police accepting failure, submitted a document before a court in Karachi, asking for the case to be filed .