PO sells out Postal Orders in black


Sawan Khaskheli


According to reports after the advertisement of the employment in Military Engineering Services from BPS 1 to 10and deserving and interested candidate were advised to submit their application along with Postal Orders Rs.100 and 500 for different positions in the department.
The dozens of the youths hailing from different towns and cities of district Badin were rushed to Post Office Badin for getting Postal Orders for fulfilling all job requirements in account to submitting their applications for jobs but staff of the post office seemed to make the business of issuing Postal Orders.
Applicant youths, including Abdul Jabbar Leghari, Sawan Chandio and others alleged that post office staff has refused to issue the Postal Orders stating the cause of shortage of the postal orders at local post office Badin but meanwhile the same Postal Orders are being received on black at the private shop of Badin and they alleged that head post office has made a source of income selling out the Postal Orders to private firms and the postal order of amounting of hundred is being sell out in more than three hundreds by the private firms.