PM’s Montessori classes launch hailed


Peshawar—The academicians and politicians of Khyber Pakthunkhwa on Friday highly commended the initiative of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for launching Montessori classes in the Federal Government Schools in Islamabad and termed it revolutionary step for promotion of quality education in the country.
Principal, F.G Degree College for Boys Peshawar, Professor Dr Muhammad Rashid Khan said while lauding the initiative of Prime Minister said this landmark step would bring revolution in education sector in the country. The initiative is part of Prime Minister’s Educational Reforms Programme.
He said enrollment of students in Federal Government schools would be significantly increased with start of Montessori classes besides discouraging the corporal punishment.
Prof. Rashid Khan said the facility of Montessori classes was only available for those students who can pay the high charges of private schools in the federal capital while poor students can only make a dream of it. With commencement of Montessori classes in FG schools by the Prime Minister today, now the students of poor and middle class would also get the same standard of Montessori education as it was being enjoyed by wealthy students.
This would help end class discrimination in education besides helping to bring students of Govt schools at par with students of private educational institutes.
“Montessori style of education is extremely important for children between the ages of three and five years as it encourages young students to share and work cooperatively besides enhancing their language skills with help of arts works and other special educational and sports related techniques.” —APP