Waqas Ahmed

A few months back PM Nawaz Sharif announced establishment of hospitals in the country. On this occasion, he recounted, yet again, all development mega projects completed during past three years. In the sequence of this announcement he launched a project to build a hospital at Rahim Yar Khan (RYK). With tears in his eyes he said that it was first ever attempt by any government to provide medical facilities to the poor people of RYK. This project is indeed commendable as it is better to do something than simply being complacent about the conditions of this country.
However, I wish these hospitals promised by the PM are completed and made functional with full fledge equipment and staff. If completed within the stipulated period, he would indeed be remembered as a great leader. On the other hand, if only buildings are raised for the sake of votes and nothing concrete is done, people would be completely disillusioned.
—Via email