PML unification


CHAUDHRY Shujaat Hussain, President of PML (Q), while talking to the media persons after a party meeting on Sunday invited all factions of the Muslim League to unite. In fact this is not the first time that the seasoned politician has made such a call as in the past also we have seen him making efforts to bring different factions of the party at a united platform.
The timing of the latest call is however significant as it has come in the backdrop of rumours of division within the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-N something that the opponents will definitely cherish but would be abhorred by the people who do not see further cracks within the party. Being the party, which founded Pakistan, people of the country wish to see the PML operating as a single entity and lead the country towards path envisioned by its founding fathers. Though reunifying all the factions appears to be a gigantic task but not impossible if serious, sincere and strenuous efforts are made by the leaders who over the years have emerged as a face of the Muslim League and of course Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif lead on that front. Due to his differences with Sharif family, Ch Shujaat while making the latest call would have some other considerations in his mind to unite the factions sans Sharif brothers – something that we understand will not be acceptable to most of the leaders in the PML-N. So the task will remain unaccomplished until the efforts are made while rising above personal ego and vested interests. We rather believe that the prime minister while realising the importance of unification of the PML should lead the efforts towards this end and engage closely with all factions without any exemption to discuss and resolve the differences and reservations. Though there is less likelihood of it, but revival of the united PML before the next general election will make it a formidable force against opponents.