PML-N policies bestow sound footing to sagging national economy: Shahbaz

Salim Ahmed


Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that historic reception of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is a proof of people’s tremendous love for him and it also shows that the masses want national development. He added that Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and the people are inseparable.
The people have always reposed their full confidence over the policies of PML-N and the party has also adopted practical steps for national development, instead of indulging in any lip service.
Due to the wonderful policies of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, the country is fast moving towards prosperity and development, he added.
In a statement issued here Friday, Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said that national development and public welfare are our prime targets, while the claimants of so-called change have wasted their time on roads during the last four years. Instead of indulging in public service, negative politics has been their agenda.
He said the credit of setting up energy projects for getting rid of the darkness goes to the PML-N and Pakistan is also economically stronger than ever before.
The revival of sagging economy is the golden achievement of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and economic policies of his four year tenure have helped to give sound footing to the national economy. On the other side, terrorism and fanaticism were satisfactorily lessened due to effective policies of the government.
He said that vibrant, prosperous and a bright Pakistan is our destination and the defeated political cabal obstructing this journey are an enemy of the nation who have obstructed this public welfare program just for their personal gains. These are those elements which have been rejected by the people in general as well as in bye-elections. These elements will face historic defeat in the general elections of 2018, he added.
He said that the popularity of the PML-N has diminished the politics of the opponents. The warm welcome of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif proves that he is the only national leader who lives in the hearts of every Pakistani and the nation is fully supporting the PML-N leadership for the completion of development journey.
The people of Pakistan like Muhammad Nawaz Sharif from the core of their hearts. On the other side, the opponents are flabbergasted due to the popularity of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. But the negative politics of the opponents cannot dent the relationship of love between the people and Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.
The people rightly ask that the opponents of development-journey are following whose agenda, because the politics of hypocrisy and chaos is no service to the country and all should work jointly for the progress of Pakistan.
It is pity that bright future of the country is not acceptable to the sit-in group in any case. He said that the future of Pakistan is vibrant and every effort will be made to achieve this goal.

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