PM takes Kashmiris on-board


IT is good of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that he thought it appropriate to visit Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, for consultations with Hurriyat leaders on the burning issue and latest situation in Occupied Kashmir. On this occasion, he spoke his mind and also sought input from the real stakeholders of the conflict.
Pakistan has always been forcefully pleading the cause of Kashmiri people at different for a, providing them moral, political and diplomatic support in their struggle for right to self-determination. However, the decision of the Prime Minister to consult relevant Kashmiri leaders ahead of UN General Assembly session, where he would be leading Pakistan’s delegation and delivering an address, is very important. Last year too, Kashmir constituted significant portion of his speech but it is hoped that the consultative session would help give more substance to his speech at the UNGA and his presentation on Kashmir would truly reflect aspirations of the Kashmiri people. The interactive session with Kashmiri leaders was productive as they also gave their proposals in black and white, which would surely serve as talking points for the Prime Minister during his engagements on the occasion of UNGA session. Kashmiris are the main stakeholders but regrettably India is averse to talking to their leadership and is not willing to agree to tripartite talks to resolve the long-standing dispute. Instead, New Delhi runs away from bilateral talks with Pakistan citing the excuse of Pakistani envoy in India meeting APHC leadership. But these tactics would no more work as the grim situation in Occupied Kashmir is pricking conscience of the world and now we are hearing voices against Indian atrocities and the need for finding solution of dispute. World reaction has already forced Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to skip his UN visit as he is finding it difficult to face the civilized world on what his troops are doing in Occupied Kashmir. India is also trying to divert attention of the world from its atrocities in Kashmir by raising bogey of Balochistan but Pakistan must not feel pressurized by such tactics and continue to sensitise the world community about different dimensions of Kashmir issue.