PM pricks world conscience


IN his well-prepared and delivered speech at the UN General Assembly session in New York, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif forcefully presented the cause of Kashmiri people and strongly defended Pakistan’s viewpoint and policies on important issues of interest to the global community including nuclear non-proliferation and war on terror. The way he highlighted the plight of oppressed Kashmiris and the solutions proposed by him would surely boost morale of the Kashmiri people and prick conscience of the international community.
As India continues with its repressive measures in Occupied Kashmir killing and injuring innocent people, the Prime Minister rightly emphasized the need for an independent inquiry and a UN fact-finding mission to investigate extra-judicial killings and brutalities perpetrated by Indian occupation forces. It would be difficult for the world body to ignore his demand as, separately, in a meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the Prime Minister also presented a well-documented dossier containing undeniable evidence of gross human rights violations by India in the Valley. India’s opposition to allow fact-finding missions and journalists to cover the situation also establishes the fact that India has something serious to hide from the world. In view of the dangerous dimensions that the conflict has taken mainly because of intransigence by New Delhi, the UN must also heed to his demand for long awaited plebiscite that the international community pledged to Kashmiris to determine their fate. Reiteration of the Prime Minister that Pakistan is ready to resume sustained dialogue for the resolution of Kashmir and other issues has also exposed India, which has been running away from talks on one pretext or the other. Mian Nawaz Sharif also pricked conscience of the world community by making a strong case for Pakistan joining as member of the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group as a responsible nuclear weapons state. His firm proposition that Pakistan does not want to enter into an arms race but at the same time cannot remain oblivious to the need for a credible deterrence has also conveyed to the powers that the country would not accept any discriminatory attitude as far as its nuclear capability is concerned. Similarly, he plainly told the gathering representing the globe that the only viable solution for durable peace in Afghanistan was dialogue between Afghan Government and Taliban. We believe the Prime Minister needs firm backing of the entire nation to effectively pursue the policies he enunciated at the UN for the sake of national interests.