People will remember PML-N public welfare projects forever: CM


Staff Reporter

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that people of Pakistan had supported PML-N in the past and are also with it today because PML-N has always worked for the promotion of democracy and democratic traditions. He said that people hate the politics of lies while they love truthful and dedicated leadership. He said that several projects have been completed for the progress of the country during the tenure of PML-N and nobody can level allegation of corruption of even a single penny in these projects of billions and trillions of rupees.
He expressed these views while talking to a delegation of PML-N in London on Sunday. Shahbaz Sharif said that several historic measures have been taken during our period to overcome energy crisis and the projects have been completed speedily and transparently with dedication, honesty and determination which has reduced load-shedding significantly. He said that the situation has improved in the country and now Pakistan is more peaceful, prosperous and developed as compared to past four years. He said that PML-N government has worked round the clock for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan and due to our sincere efforts and solid steps, the situation has improved in every sector. The Chief Minister said that people will remember forever the historic measures of PML-N made for the development of the country and we will proceed towards the vision of progress with more speed and will continue to work for the improvement of the country till our last breath. We will not allow any impediment in our journey to take the country to heights of progress and development, he added.
Shahbaz Sharif said that people have seen the real of face of the person claiming about change. He said that people are fully conscious therefore enemies of development can never succeed in their designs. He said that favour of vote and love of the people is the only way to rule the hearts. He said that peaceful, strong and prosperous Pakistan is our mission and we are moving forward to make the country Pakistan of Quaid and Iqbal and added that PML-N government will complete this journey at any cost. He said that people of Pakistan have given public service mandate to PML-N and its politics is the politics of public progress and prosperity while on the other hand, those doing negative politics want to push the country backwards and in the darkness and added that these elements do not want elimination of poverty, extremism, joblessness and darkness from Pakistan. He said these elements do not have capacity to serve the people and their politics revolves around levelling baseless allegations.
The Chief Minister said that a politician who is expert in levelling allegations has broken all records of telling lies and falsehood. He said that these unwise elements are putting the fate of the country and the nation at stake only for lust of power. He said that history will not forgive those responsible of fanning confrontation, chaos and anarchy in the country.