People-friendly justice system


CHIEF Justice Lahore High Court Mr. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah has remarked that metros, roads and developmental activities apart people of the country want prompt justice. Addressing concluding session of the two day international roundtable conference, he expressed sorrow that people are not getting justice from the system and there is need to take measures to make life of the people easier vis-a-vis justice system.
No one would differ from Justice Mansoor, who himself has been instrumental in efforts to make a difference as far as delivery of justice is concerned. The system is, no doubt, rotten and it would take some time to address its malaises but someone will have to make a beginning and we hope Justice Mansoor would do something tangible for the purpose. There is frustration and restlessness in the society mainly because our justice system has failed to come up to the expectations of the people. The Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court is right that there is shortage of judges and it is not humanly possible to dispose of cases, which are increasing with the passage of every day. There is shortage of judges but the backlog is not merely because of this shortage but due to lack of commitment on part of judges to clear this backlog. Cases are allowed to linger on not for years but decades without any justification and there are reasons to believe that cases are deliberately prolonged with the collusion of the bench and the bar because of vested interests involved. The situation can change if Chief Justices of High Courts and Supreme Court exercise strict vigilance and monitor performance of their subordinates dispassionately. There are also allegations of corruption at different tiers of judiciary and these needs to be probed and checked.