Peaceful Ashura


Ms Ahmad

The holy month of Muharram needs no introduction as all the Muslims are aware of its importance and virtues. Muharram, the first of the twelve months in the Islamic calendar, thereby marking the Islamic New Year is observed by all Muslims across the globe. The month is one of the four sanctified months wherein unlawful acts are strictly barred, especially the shedding of blood. Even the literal meaning of Muharram is “haram”, which means forbidden. The first ten days of the month are mourned by the Muslims to commemorate the brutal assassination of Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Imam Hussain, his family and supporters. Thus, Muharram has great religious significance behind its observance. Since childhood, we have witnessed our elders observing this month with great respect. Sermons and religious gatherings are arranged throughout the country and for that matter, maintaining peace and law and order situation in the whole country possess great importance. Security plans by the Federal and Provincial governments ensured peaceful Ashura in the country. The life and property of the people is paramount. Therefore, Punjab Chief Minister strictly ordered to take all the possible measures to ensure implementation of security plan developed for the protection of life and property of the people especially during Muharram-ul-Harram and ordered crackdown without any discrimination against all those odds including those involved in provocative speeches, publication and distribution of literature based on religious hatred stimulating violence. He emphasized that government should use all its resources to make sure that precious lives remain safe during this holy month. The steps taken by the government also included full attention to the security of mosques, Imam Bargahs and other worship places and implementation of 4-tier security cordon for safeguarding Majalis and Ashura processions. Implementation of code of conduct was ensured and concerned institutions remained vigilant in this regard on Ashura and the arrangement would continue during the whole month of Muharram. It is very heartening that the Ashura went on peacefully that proves, if we stand united, then we can be successful in foiling all the conspiracies to harm inter-sect harmony and law and order situation in the country. Let us all hope and pray for the peaceful co-existence among masses amid commendable sectarian harmony.
— Via email