PCJCCI for replicating Chinese model of water purification system


Salim Ahmed


Chinese model of water purification system should be replicated in Pakistan to reduce possibility of water borne diseases, which are troubling Pakistan’s economy up to $1.3 billion every year and are the biggest source of gastrointestinal infections.
It was stated by Wang Zihai, President Pak-China joint Chamber of Commerce and Moazzam Ali Ghurki, senior Vice president, PCJCCI during a meeting with a Chinese Delegation from HuaQi Tech Pvt. Ltd. The Delegation was headed by Jun Zheng, while other members included Su Shixun, Aibin Wang, Tong Ming, Wang Zhoumin and Wu Zhidan.
The purpose of the delegation was to introduce Chinese water management system and purification technology to Pakistan. It was said in meeting that the replication of this system could overcome water and water disease crises in Pakistan particularly in poor cities that are not getting access to clean water.
Head of delegation Jun Zheng told during the meeting that China’s global fresh water resources are merely 6% whereas they have to provide clean drinking water to 20% of world population. He told that with the years of research and exploration, China has devised a water purification system that not only enabled China to meet its water need but also provided people with medically approved healthy water. He told that Halo Source has created a series of water filtration devices that rely on gravity but do not require electricity or plumbing to operate. We have developed the products which kill deadly bacteria and viruses in parts of the developing world where access to water filtration is limited, said Jun.
Wang, president PCJCCI added that Water crisis is a global issue and now china wants to benefit world, since Pakistan faces such crisis particularly in Sindh and northern Punjab, that’s why they want to introduce such plants to Pakistan.