Passage of Women Protection Bills


Javaid Bashir

The Parliament did a great favour to the nation by passing the Women Protection Bills during the Joint Session called on Kashmir Issue. This move would ensure security and protection against all kind of abuse. It also bans the honour Killing. Strict punishment has been prescribed for the murderers. The culprits will be awarded life imprisonment. Rape cases must be investigated within a period of three moths.
The flawed investigations will be punished too. DNA test would be an essential part of the investigations. In order to stop such honour killings the provisions regarding the pardoning of the murderer will be abolished. In the compromise cases like Daiyat and Qisas, the criminals will be awarded life imprisonment. In the rape cases the identity of the victim will not be disclosed nor her character be challenged in the Court proceedings. By passing these two bills the government has taken a bold step in right direction. It will help in controlling violence against women.
—Via email