Parliamentarian seeks help to draft new constitution


Our Correspondent

Colombo—Constitutional expert and Parliamentarian Dr.KJayampathy Wickremaratne requested all political parties in the country to be flexible and help the Government draft a new constitution.
Dr.Wickremaratne who is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Constitutional Assembly and the Chairman of the committee that provides technical support to the Constitutional Assembly to draft the new constitution said that the need was for a new constitution and not amending the existing one. A new constitution was a must to abolish the executive presidency. Commenting on the constitutional provisions on religion , he noted that sri Lanka had no state religion but Buddhism had been given the foremost place while the rights of other religions were guaranteed. Therefore no need of changing the provision he added.
Dr.Wickremaratne stressed that the new constitution should provide a longlasting solution to the ethnic issue and a new electoral system should be introduced.Abolishing of the Executive Presidency was one of the main task s of the new constitution Referring to the Tamil National Alliances’ call for merging the the Northern and Eastern provinces through a new constitution, Dr. Wickremaratne stressed that the decision of of merging two provinces or states should be taken by the people of those provinc.