Panamagate being used to destabilise Pakistan: Fazl


Staff Reporter


Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman on Saturday claimed the Panama case saga is being used as a tool by the enemies to destabilise the country.
“The Panama Papers case is not about corruption, it’s being used to destabilise the country,” Fazl said while addressing media here Saturday. “Some forces are actively working against democracy. Encouraging these anti-democratic forces is not right,” he alleged, adding that he is hopeful the Supreme Court will mete out justice in the case.
He further said that the political dilemma arising out of the situation would not benefit any politician. “India and United States have already shaken hands with each other. China and Pakistan are now the target,” he said.
The JUI-F chief urged the military and civilian population to stay on the same page. “The military must not be made a party to this. The military and the population must stay on the same page,” he insisted, going on to say that whoever rules the country is the one who is targeted.
“Zardari and Gilani both faced cases during their regime, but now it’s all gone and dusted,” he lamented.
Fazl said that JUI-F stood by the country, the nation and the constitution.
He added that Panama case had nothing to do with corruption. He added that country institutions should be allowed to be impartial.