Of Pakistani PM and Brazilian President


In many ways identical is the tale of two public office holders, I mean, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan and Michel Temer, President of Brazil both are refusing to resign and have said they would fight accusations.
Scuffling with police thousands of protesters have called for Brazil’s president, Michel Temer , to leave office. The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) constituted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in the infamous Panama Case has implicated the Prime Minister and his family in money laundering, interalia. Temer is struggling to retain power after the release of a recording that appears to capture him approving hush money for a convicted former lawmaker. The president is resisting calls to resign and has said he will fight the accusations.
Even before the Panama Scandal broke, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s popularity was low, in part because of anti-people policies and skyrocketing inflation, coupled with ignoring development in Sindh and in other smaller provinces. Their entire focus has been on the sole city of Lahore and a few other cities in the central Punjab.
The country today is in a sea of debt because of organised corruption. The state of Pakistan is in serious financial trouble and many public officer holders as well as public servants have plundered and prodigally wasted its resources. Our economy is in a deep recession and there is no end to the pains and sufferings of common man in the country. Enough is enough now. Prime Minister needs to spend more time with his family and for this purpose must step down because it is only my country Pakistan which has tolerated such like people in power and authority. Other civilised and democratic societies never ever tolerate such like breed in power even for a single day. The people of Pakistan disgust with the present political class, of course, whom they have voted and chosen time and again, but they have done nothing for the down –trodden, deprived and denied people and for this beloved country of mine but solely for their families in and abroad. Look at Business Empire investigated and exposed in this landmark investigation report of the JIT. Thank You JIT!

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