Pakistan, Lebanon share identical views on regional, international issues: Ambassador


Independence Day of Lebanon

Diplomatic Reporter

Islamabad—Ambassador of Lebanon Mona El Tannir has said relations between Republic of Lebanon and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are deep rooted and excellent as both the countries share an identical views on different regional and international issues. Pakistan always assisted Lebanon in every form and crises, both the countries are coordinating in the organizations of the United Nations with reciprocal supports and are upgrading their strategic partnership.
In a message on the occasion of her country’s Independence Day ambassador said it is my privilege and honour to be with my brothers and sisters in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan celebrating our 73rd Independence Day. I avail this opportunity to say that it is a dual celebration this year as Lebanon has an elected president H.E. General. Michel Aoun who is a symbol of political stability, and prevalence of peace and tranquillity in the country. Under its leadership, Lebanon has became one of the hubs for tourism, development and prosperity and inshallah it will as it was the jewel of the middle east and Beirut is the capital that does not sleep.
Ambassador said, Lebanon with its natural beauty that attracts every tourist to plan his vacation, as this industry has developed by the passage of time offering luxurious facilities in a peaceful condition for the visitors to have a glance at the mountains, valleys and ruins of the ancient Lebanon with its richest history combined with development and the business activities.
She said I as an Ambassador have learnt a lot from Pakistan as it is a big and rich country with respect to the diplomatic relations and traditions. I invite the Pakistani people to visit Lebanon as it offers vast opportunity to interact with the Lebanese business men for marketing the Pakistani products.
Lebanon also has the potential to export different products among them is the fresh Olive and Olive Oil thus the Pakistani business men can benefit from this opportunity to have an access to this product in the Pakistani market. In addition to this the Embassy grants visas to the Pakistanis to attend lectures, seminars and workshops in the field of medicine, pharmaceutical , information technology and software in Lebanon and also to enjoy the leisure trip in the mountains covered with snow which reflects the natural beauty of Lebanon.
She further said, that interaction of the people of both the countries increased as well as the business activities, leading to the increase of the bilateral trade and the investor’s interest in the friendly climate that Pakistan offers for investment. Since my arrival to Islamabad back in 2013, I am keeping my interactions with the government and private sectors to promote the bilateral relations between the two countries and to increase the commercial and trade relations as well.
At the end I wish for the government and the people of Pakistan and Lebanon more progress and prosperity and long live for the relations between them. On this auspicious occasion I also wish for the president of the Republic of Lebanon well-being and extend my heartiest felicitation to the Lebanese community in Pakistan.

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