Islamabad—Two young Pakistani women Gulalai Ismail and Saba Ismail, cofounder of NGO Aware Girls have been conferred with the prestigious Chirac Prize for Conflict Prevention in recognition of their contributions toward development of a culture of peace and non-violence through the action of women and youth in Pakistan.
The prize was awarded by the Former French Minister for Culture Chirstine Albanel in an impressive ceremony held in Quai Branly Museum, Paris on Thursday, a press release issued here said. The ceremony was attended amongst others by French President Francois Hollande, the ambassador of Pakistan to France Moin-ul-Haque, intellectuals, members of civil society, diplomats and media persons in large number.
Gulalai Ismail cofounder of NGO Aware Girls after receiving the prize said their NGO with the help of young women is working successfully for empowerment of the women especially in the conflict zones to bring about qualitative changes in their way of life. The French president while speaking on the occasion paid rich tribute to Aware Girls for empowerment of the women in the conflict zone.
He said Aware Girls is giving the women the possibility to participate in and monitor elections, to provide education to women and economically empowering them by providing micro-credit.—APP