PAJCCI applauds PM for reopening Pak-Afghan border


Staff Reporter


The Pakistan and Afghanistan joint chamber of commerce and industry (PAJCCI) representatives in Pakistan on Monday have applauded the Prime minister of Pakistan order to reopen Pak-Afghan border after 31 days of closure.
Talking mediamen Ziaul Haq Sarhadi, the senior vice president of PACCI said a wave of happiness among the traders and the common people of Pakistan and Afghanistan spread out when Nawaz Sharif, the prime minister of Pakistan issued order to reopen the Pak-Afghan border Torkham for all sort of traffic after a long time of 31 days closure.
Zia Ul Haq Sarhadi said that traders had to pay a big amount of Rs.2.5 billion to Rs.3.00 billion as demurrage and detention charges due to the Pak-Afghan border seal and all traders transporters including common people and small traders on both side of the border suffered.
“Bilateral trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan is benefiting billion rupees income to both countries national exchequer and common people.” Sarhadi stated adding that thousands people of both countries had employment through this trade at Pak-Afghan border and the two brother Muslim countries should more enhance bilateral trade.
Zia Ul Haq Sarhaid appreciated the reporting of Landikotal based journalists who through print and electronic media highlighted the losses to traders and transporters of both countries since the Pak-Afghan border Torkham was closed.
An Official of the political administration in Landiktoal told this scribe that since the prime minister of Pakistan has issued order to reopen the Torkham border, they have not received any notification till filling this report.
Meanwhile it was learnt by this scribe that the border will be reopened till tomorrow (Tuesday) morning and according to the officials Facebook page message of Idrees Momand, the spokesperson of Afghan border police at Torkham, the Torkham border will be reopened today’s morning on Tuesday after 7:00am.