Overwhelming response to Nawaz makes opponents restless: Politicians

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The political leaders and lawmakers of KP Assembly here Wednesday said the overwhelming response of people to former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on his departure from Islamabad to Lahore has made opponents’ unnerve and restless. “Nawaz Sharif is the most popular leader of Pakistan and sea of people today have expressed sympathies and solidarity with him in Islamabad and Rawalpindi on his way to Lahore that has created panic among his political opponents,” Sardar Aurangzaib Nalota, PMLN KP Parliamentary leader told APP on Wednesday.
“Every person knew Nawaz Sharif is strong reality and most popular leader of the country and he can’t be ousted from the hearts of people,” he said. The PMLN leader said Nawaz Sharif’s journey for Lahore via GT Road has been organised so that ex PM can express gratitude to masses for their overwhelming support to him and his party during last fours years. Nalota said whenever Nawaz Sharif has been removed from political landscape, he has been brought back into the Parliament in bigger force by the support of the people.
Nawaz Sharif has been elected Prime Minister thrice by the public but not a single penny corruption allegation has ever been established against him, he said adding the recent disqualification of ex PM was also not based on corruption. He said Nawaz Sharif has introduced decency and tolerance in politics and allowed PTI being a majority political party to form his government in KP. He said PMLN could have easily formed Government in KP with allied parties but it was former PM Nawaz Sharif whose reconciliatory approach has paved the way for PTI to form government in this province.
Nalota said PTI has failed to address problems of KP during last fours year and people continue to suffer and questioned where is new KP?. Khalil Khattak PMLN Karak district said people have given unprecedented response to the former Prime Minister in Islamabad, Murree and Rawalpindi by expressing solidarity with him. Nawaz Sharif can be removed from the premiership but not from hearts of the public as he gave response to opponents’ criticism through development works and strengthening of institutions and democracy.
He said Nawaz Sharif was the most popular leader of the country who made Pakistan’s defence impregnable besides established a network of Motorways and Highways in the country. Khattak said Nawaz Sharif has made unprecedented development works in Khyber Pakthunkhwa during last fours years and completion of Lowari Tunnel and Nawaz Sharif Kidney Hospital Swat besides CPEC was his big achievement. Work on Hazara Motorway, Peshawar Northern Bypass and several hydropower projects were near to completion that would change destiny of people besides expending pace of economic development in the country.
MPA Saleh Muhammad said Nawaz Sharif was a strong reality and a popular leader of the country with the ability to keep the nation united and make Pakistan a developed country among the comity of nations. “Following disqualification, the popularity of Nawaz Sharif had increased in the country and people of Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Murree had accorded warm welcome to him after his un-ceremonial ouster,” he said.
The MPA said the credit for bringing democratic system back on track also goes to the former Prime Minister who believed in supremacy of parliament and constitution, saying continuity of democracy was imperative for progress.

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