Out of control


Despite the early warnings of the doctors and nutritionists the people did not apply self control, and too little too much. They had a smooth landing in the hospital. The Lahore city hospitals were busy addressing the food related issues on the Eid days. It was difficult to decide who the victim was. The patients suffering from stomach and other eating disorders were there because they had ignored the medical advice and friendly warnings.
The question is why do people overeat on such festive occasions? Perhaps it is a rarity to see such palatable food dishes on the table, thus cannot resist the temptation of eating such luxuriant food. The women prepare a variety of dishes that by the time one realizes one has already eaten too much. Obviously overeating fatty and spicy food has its consequences and a visit to the hospital emergency is one of them.
The statistics released by the various hospitals show an alarming number of patients fell victim to overeating. Perhaps eating mutton chops, beef saji, beef or mutton roast , kebabs, korma was more important than their health. I cannot understand this madness, rush to eating, that some of the patients got bones stuck in the throat: the wildest, foolish thing to do. The code of conduct for eating and manners were grossly violated. What is good about it is that we can learn from it either by experiencing the pain and sufferings or looking at others. I hope better sense will prevail and next time they will eat in moderation. Don’t you know that health is wealth, stay healthy?
J B Ahmed