Other side of the coin


Aimen Arshad

Though technology has reduced distances and turned the world into a global village, at the same time it has created distance among the people living under one roof. There was a time when families used to sit together sharing ideas and daily life experiences with each other. It was a way of being in touch with each other and learning from others’ experiences. Likewise, colleagues and classmates discussed their family problems with each other. This way they didn’t only help each other but also made their bondage strong.
Unfortunately, with the invention of Smartphone, Television and other gadgets, all has bygone. The best evidence which can be presented in this regard is that sitting under the same roof people remain oblivious of their surroundings, what is happening around them, they don’t care. Technology is equally important in this modern era and I don’t emphasize on abandoning use of technology but there is always a limit of everything. It becomes a curse when limit is crossed. People should give preference to bonds over technology because sharing is caring.