orld needs peace mood to be built soon: KPI

WStaff Reporter


Secretary General of the Kashmir Peace Institute Syed Hameed Shaheen Shah has said that a new collective mood of the world peoples should be re-framed for the larger good of humanity irrespective of caste, color, creed or affiliations.
Talking today a statistician group of women here he suggested that a new vision should be given to the world: ‘What we want? Food and Peace’.
From the inception of humanity only wars have been taught to the people in the jungles, caves and plains.Therefore human being started taking wars as the means of gaining profits in living life, he obsered.
He said that under UN or powerful group of countries the reorientation group should be formed who should lead this campaign as an objective of international, continental and regional life.
Armaments making has accelerated the concept of war as a prime practice.

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