Organ trafficking


Organ trafficking is the illegal trade of human organs.
Moreover, it is one of the sordid realities of Pakistan, which keep on increasing. According to a report, FIA exposed an illegal organ trade gang from Lahore. Organ trafficking is a crux and a crime. This issue is a self- perpetuating cycle that deepens the communal inequities. Unfortunately, educated people involved in this act, the doctors, the police and the middleman, anyone who were part of this lucrative practice were only fuelled by greed and lack in humanity. In addition, many FIRs have been registered against organ trafficking. Kidnapping the individuals and then forcefully removing their kidneys and other organs before they sell them in the black market. Moreover, the greatest misfortune is that, the concerned departments have not been fulfilling their duties properly, which is the reason people are still involved in this cruel act. The individuals who are victimized by this brutal act are still seeking justice. Organ trafficking should be considered as an unforgivable crime. Moreover, government should frame strict laws so that the organ sellers and organ purchasers both are given exemplary punishment. Only this way, we can eradicate this sinful crime.
Hadia Aziz