Online certification of origin repository system


Amanullah Khan

Karachi—With a view to accelerate export trade the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan has developed an online certification system of origin repository system. It may be noted that TDAP in collaboration with Pakistan Customs Authorities has developed a sophisticated online Certificate of Origin Repository System for the issuance of Certificates of Origin under Electronic Data Exchange (EDE) for exports to China.
The exporters can now apply for Certificates of Origin online through their WeBOC User ID. The new online system is a major shift towards greater export facilitation and exchange of real-time information between the two countries. The module will provide a robust on-line verification facility so as to verify each and every COO issued by competent authority in country of origin at the time of clearance of goods.
This would enable Customs to timely grant concessions under preferential trade only to the eligible goods and replace the existing model which is not only ineffective and costly but often takes months before a COO get verified. The system would enable TDAP to maintain preferential export data of active exporters in a focused manner for taking informed decisions.
The new system has been tested and deployed from 28th November 2016 at all stations responsible for issuing Certificates of Origin (COO). After the smooth implementation of EDE with China, TDAP would aim for developing a web based interface with concerned customs authorities in other importing countries to switch from manually signed and stamped COOs to electronically issued COOs readily available on web for verification.