On the closure of Islamabad


Javaid Bashir

All the political parties agree that Panama Leaks investigations be done and the accountability of the Prime Minister and his family be held. Government has thus far thwarted opposition’s all attempts to formulate T O Rs for the Judicial Commission ‘s probe into allegations of massive corruption. Having failed after knocking at all the doors, the Opposition has taken to the streets to protest against the Government. None of the concerned institutions have taken any notice or action vis-à-vis Panama Leaks. JI took out protest rallies, held public meetings and organized train march against corruption but to no avail. PPP and other political parties wasted six months negotiating with the Government in a Parliamentary Committee to arrive at agreed terms of reference regarding J C. The Government used delaying tactics to prolong the process.
Supreme Court had rejected the Government’s TORs to hold investigations. A toothless Commission could not effectively probe the matter. Now the PTI has legitimately decided to blockade the Capital city of Islamabad. The success of Raiwind March has jolted the Government. PTI should be given credit for mobilizing the masses and creating awareness in the public about this issue. The conduct of political parties is highly offending and questionable. They need to unite against corruption of the ruling elite.
Imran Khan and his party have stood like a rock to keep this burning issue alive. Their demand for the resignation of the Prime Minister is justified. After the leakage of the story damaging the image of the Armed Forces the rulers have become a security risk in the true sense. This is a grave situation and will have dire consequences for us. The world press is exploiting this story and negative propaganda against Pakistan has already been started. Whosoever leaked this story has achieved his designs at the cost of the country.
The feeding of a fabricated story to a newspaper has created trust deficit. The resultant negative backlash is sufficient to open the eyes of the people. The looters will go to any extent to hide their corruption. Would Khan be able to paralyze the Government in Islamabad is a matter to be seen. Prime Minister after his visit to Boku has announced that he will not let any one besiege the city and stop the Government from doing its business. I wonder what he will do to avoid this situation? His move might trigger civil war and bloody clashes on streets. Let us hope the Government will refrain from using force to deal with protesters.
— Via email