Old forts, buildings of Lyari


I am sharing my personal experience here, when I went to Lyari I saw too many old but beautiful forts and buildings there, they were half broken, half cracked and full of dust with dull colours. They were looking creepy and little scary just like mysterious houses. I was very embarrassed to see the congested streets, little houses in flats etc, such as all societies are mingled in the area of Lyari. When the electricity is not available in these areas, how the pupils, patients or the poor people can survive? If any occasion, wedding ceremony, celebration and any death or any sorrow happenes there, how they manage all this in such a small place? The government should break all extra old houses, furnish and reconstruct these ancient buildings, make roads wider so that people can survive better. In this way the people can celebrate happiness and sometimes share their sorrows or sadness easily.