Nuclear assets safe and secure


Asmaar Bilal

It has been time and again stressed, asserted and reiterated by Pakistan at the highest appropriate level(s) that its nuclear assets are quite safe and secure and nuclear technology being utilized for peaceful purposes. But still some international agencies and foreign countries keep raising objections and expressing uncalled for concerns in this regard quite unnecessarily. Islamabad has been telling the world at large that its nuclear programme is for ensuring minimum defence deterrence, nuclear assets are in absolutely safe hands and has very effective and strong command and control system in place. Pakistan told UN General Assembly couple of days back that it continues to improve nuclear safety and protection measures at its nuclear power plants and research reactors.
According to the reports, Pakistan made this quite categorical statement in the UN General Assembly while commenting on the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) pointedly stating that Pakistan government attaches the highest importance to the security of its nuclear power plants, all of which are according to the agency’s safeguards.
All this assertion of Pakistan before UN General Assembly regarding safety and security of its nuclear plants is quite commendable and laudable indeed. But at the same time, this scribe cannot help asking the international agencies and foreign countries as to why they do not give due consideration to Pakistan’s repeated requests for acquiring civil nuclear technology facility for peaceful purposes of overcoming its prolonged energy crisis and future energy requirements and question India’s nuclear programme which is constantly being expanded as per reports in international media from time to time?