No measles epidemic in Punjab


Salim Ahmed


There is no measles epidemic in the province of Punjab and the Primary and Secondary Healthcare is fully vigilant on the disease situation. Keeping in view seasonal risk, complete analysis was carried out by following WHO recommended protocols. All necessary measures have been taken to ensure complete control over the disease and districts CEOs have been issued instructions, a spokesman of Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department said here Thursday that sufficient stocks of measles vaccine are available and there is no budgetary or funding constraint.
The government is fully committed to provide all required resources and ensure complete control over all diseases. Moreover, a meeting of provincial EPI steering committee was held Thursday, to discuss the measles and other vaccine preventable disease situation in the province. The committee has shown satisfaction on the EPI and measles surveillance and it was told that third party evaluated vaccination coverage has improved to 82% which is highest among all provinces. Incidence of new Measles cases is under control.