No chickenpox epidemic


Thanks to the timely preventive and curative measures taken by Punjab Government health officials it is good to note that chickenpox situation has normalized in the province and few cases are now being reported from parts indicating significant downward trend of the disease.
During the current season, 1591 cases have been reported throughout the province with highest number of 821 from Faisalabad followed by 86 from Lahore although the chickenpox was not spreading as epidemic. Satisfactory arrangements for treatment of chickenpox patients have already been made in all tertiary hospitals monitoring was conducted on a daily basis by the senior health officials.
Reports further said that a committee of senior professors was constituted for conducting mortality audit of deaths reported from Faisalabad, Lahore and other partially affected districts of the province. The health officials of all affected districts have been directed to remain vigilant and continue monitoring the situation although the situation is considerably under control. Presently 15 thousand doses of chickenpox are available in stocks while all the suffering people have already been vaccinated.
It is quite appreciable that Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif is paying very special attention to the improvement of healthcare system in the province to ensure availability of quality medicines to the people nearest to their doorsteps.
Meem Zay Rifat