No anti-terror narrative?


E M Zee Rifat

Militants and terrorists for long are quite wrongly using and exploiting religion Islam to further their ulterior motives and intentions saying that they are promoting cause of Islam by killing innocent people. Religion of Islam or for that matter no other faith allows such killing without any reason and rhyme. They are in fact misguided and misled people and have nothing to do with religion Islam or with our beloved motherland Pakistan, to say the least. Ulema, Mushaikh and religious scholars have been/are promoting Islamic teachings through their religious education institutions, writings and frequent interaction with the people and thus rendering a good service for centuries together.
But, somehow, they have not taken due notice of what the misguided and misled terrorists are continuously killing the people. With due respect to them, one may ask as how many of them have visited the troubled tribal areas to talk to militants and tell them through anti-terror narrative they are wrong in using and interpreting Islam for their ulterior motives. Frankly speaking, not many religious scholars have visited the troubled tribal areas although the country had been suffering and continues to suffer for years together from the acts of those who are using Islam for furthering their ulterior designs and spreading hatred among the masses against Islam.
In all fairness, one cannot help supporting and endorsing the prime minister when he stresses that the platform of mosques is the most effective medium of communication among the Muslims and reminds religious leaders and scholars of their foremost responsibility to rise above the fatwas and promote and spread real narrative of Islam, of peace and love. Why no anti-terror narrative has so far been evolved by our religious leaders and scholars to rid the country of the misguided and misled extremists and terrorists? This is a very pertinent question in the prevailing circumstances.

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