No ‘achche din’ for Indians


For the last three and quarter years of his tenure, what has Narendra Modi done for the middle-class and senior citizens of the country? Interest rates on bank fixed deposits and post office savings have slashed.
It is very hard to believe that the one tax one nation has become such a complicated issue. Initially it has been told that there would be a single tax for a whole nation; later on it was modified into three categories such as Central Goods and Service Tax, State Goods and Service Tax and Integrated Goods and Service Tax. This makes the dilutions of the actual theme of the Goods and Service Tax.
Without proper vision and clarity, simply bringing new taxation into the country will not bring any fruitful results. Even till date so many educated people do not have any clear idea what GST means, then think about the illiterate people? Since the GST has come under the indirect tax, each and every citizen of the country has been affected by it. This is a kind of dumping more tax burden on the common man. After imposing untold hardships on the poor and the middle-class people of the country due to demonetisation, the government has now introduced GST. It has still not been able to explain the real purpose and end results of demonetisation to the citizens of the country as they are still facing huge hardships. The ‘ achche din’ promised to us has turned out to be a ‘ ‘burre din’ for the entire country’. Modi needs a kick on his buttocks. Only then things will change.
Mumbai, India