Nisar facilitates people


INTERIOR Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan, on Thursday, launched yet another project aimed at facilitating people i.e. online passport renewal service for the overseas Pakistanis. Addressing a press conference, he said the overseas Pakistanis would now be able to get their passports renewed at their residences abroad. E-service will be introduced in Pakistan within six months, and it will be ensured across the country in the next two years.
Ministry of Interior is one of the few Ministries that are active, adopting modern technology with a pace and trying to deliver as per their mandate. It is all because of the commitment and sincerity of the leadership, as Ch Nisar Ali Khan has been taking pains to analyse woes of the masses and as to how to address them effectively. With this in view, he brought about a number of reforms in different areas and subjects under his Ministry — Immigration and Passports; NADRA, FIA, Islamabad Police and working of NGOs. There were times when acquisition of national identity card and passport were considered to be a loathsome exercise as the lengthy and complicated procedure and bureaucratic attitude of the officials concerned made lives of the people miserable. Thanks to the hard work done by the Minister, today, there are numerous facilitation centres for processing of the applications for NICs and steps have also been taken to guard against issuance of bogus cards that brought bad name to the country. Similarly, during tenure of the previous government, there was no paper to print passports and people had to bribe officials concerned to get the document. Today, the time for processing and delivery of both ordinary and urgent passports has been curtailed significantly and these are delivered at the doorsteps of the applicants. While appreciating new move of the Minister, we would urge those at the helm of affairs to squeeze some time to think about much-needed institution building by appointing heads of institutions on merit and introducing reforms. This is necessary as strong institutions help uphold the writ of the state in chaotic conditions that the country witnesses quite frequently.