Nestlé celebrates Int’l Women’s Day


Staff Reporter


Nestlé Pakistan celebrated International Women’s Day in Lahore. It was an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of the organization’s fast growing female workforce, as part of Nestlé’s commitment to meeting the UN’s 5th Sustainability Development Goal (SDG 5) that aims to achieve gender equality and women empowerment. Abdullah Jawaid, a Gender Balance Champion at Nestlé explained why gender equity was a cornerstone at the organization and announced Nestlé’s new travel policy for working mothers. He said, “Gender Balance is part of our global strategy. 70 percent of are consumers are females, so it makes sense for us to have the right set of policies and infrastructure in place to attract and retain the best female talent in the country. Speaking of which, I have a special announcement to make that is befitting of the occasion. Our new travel policy will make it possible for children under the age of 03 years to accompany their mothers while they travel locally for business meeting and conferences.