Neither batsman, nor bowler be blamed for breaking of bat: Balaji


Bipin Dani
Observer Correspondent

Mumbai—The first question Lakshmipathy Balaji asked was : “who was the bowler at the other end”.
When informed him that it was Doug Bracewell’s bowling when Ajinkya Rahane’s bat was broken, the 36-year-old Balaji, speaking exclusively said, “then, it is ok. My bat was broken when Shoaib Akhtar was bowling”.
During one of the ODI matches against Pakistan, Balaji hit a six off Akhtar and in the very next delivery, while hitting a big shot, Balaji’s bat was broken.
“I have preserved the piece of that broken bat in my wardrobe because the bowler was Shoaib Akhtar”, he says.
“Neither bowler is blamed nor the batsman for the breakage of bat. It is to happen and that’s how it happens. It does not happen so often and hence we can’t blame anyone for it”.
“The batsman has no feelings for it. He asks for the replacement and gets it”.
Without specifying any brand for the use of bat, he says, “any bat which can get good run-score should be used by the batsman”.
“The weight and balance of the bat should be kept is min while choosing the bat”.
Laxmipathy Balaji is not in favour of using aluminium bat or bat with any other materials. “Only willow bat should be used. It has been a long tradition to use only wooden bats and I don’t see any reason to deviate from it”, he signed off.
Ajinnkya Rahane’s father did watch his son’s bat being broken in the middle of the match. “I am not aware which bat he has been using but he has been buying bats from Mumbai”, fdather Madhusudan Rahane, speaking exclusively, said.