Need to implement Smart Grid technologies to reduce power losses


Staff Reporter

Islamabad—The Chinese Companies are introducing new Technologies like Smart Grid, AMI and OMS to control T&D Losses in Power Sector in Pakistan. Now when under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project US$ 15.5 billion worth of coal, wind, solar and hydropower projects will add 10,400 MW of energy to the National Grid, the real challenge left in the power sector is managing the upgrading of the transmission, distribution and metering sector efficiently. There is a need to implement Smart Grid technologies to close the increasing gap between demand and supply, reduce high level of losses, and tap into the enormous renewable energy potential and to automate power transmission & distribution.
Smart grid concepts are a result of the convergence of information and communication technologies with electric power technologies. Smart grids with the potentials they provide, especially in load communication and control, release numerous opportunities for better utilisation of available resources, including renewable energies and energy saving possibilities.
Therefore, it is imperative to focus on smart grid technologies, which will enable DISCOs to manage the load through both supply and demand side interventions. Smart grids are a significant technology enabler, which could allow consumers to participate in energy usage decisions while optimising grid operations and increase reliability.
The special panel of Experts of Henen Kosen Enterprise Development Company-China will make a presentation on smart grid devices.