Need stressed to sensitise young generation about harm of junk food


City Reporter

Lahore—Principal Post Graduate Medical Insti-tute and Ameer ud Din Medical College Prof. Ghi-yas un Nabi Tayyab has said that in order to safe-guard the health of new generation, we will have to tell them about the harms of junk food and advan-tages of physical exercise. Media, civil society, religious scholars and people associated with health should launch a vigorous campaign in this regard and make it a popular slogan that “prevention is better than cure”. Dr. Ghiyas un Nabi Tayyab ex-pressed these views while addressing a clinical symposium held on the topic of disease of suger.
He said that sugar patients should approach their doctor on regular basis to avoid complications and must lead a tension free life. He directed the doctors to focus on research in order to cater the needs of current time. Special guest Prof. Muneeza Hashmi and MS LGH Dr. Ghulam Sabir said that public awareness is vital to bring the ratio of sugar disease down and this subject must also be included in the text books.
They said that this ailment badly effect all parts of body and increase the threat of heart attack, blind-ness and paralysis. They also told that LGH Medical Unit I is contributing a great deal of services with the cooperation of other departments towards the treatment of this disease. Symposium was also ad-dressed by Porf. Muhammad Mueen, Prof. Najam ua Hasnain, prof. Nuzhat Perveen Khawaja, Prof. Altaf Qadir, Dr. Israr Ul Haq Toor, Dr. Arif Zaheer and Sugar Specialist Dr Imran Hassan Khan who threw light on symptoms, complications, preventive measures and treatment of sugar in detailed manner.