Need of the moment


Fazila Syed

A few years back, Pakistan stood at crossroads as it had to tackle various challenges which included energy shortfall, terrorism, extremism, unemployment, corruption and financial crises. For years, the solution could not be found. In fact, severity of these problems had outclassed the efforts of our government. We had become strategically isolated from the world and the foreign investors were reluctant to invest in Pakistan.
However, Pakistan has taken a new turn. It is emerging from the dark nights of hopelessness. It is not only becoming more peaceful as compared to past years, but its public finances and financial reserves are also stabilising. Foreign investment is beginning to trickle into the Pakistani market once again. According to some experts, Pakistan is enriched with natural and human resources. Proper utilisation of these resources will result in an increase in GDP and export to a great extent in future. Moreover, it will also result in a rapid progress of our country. Therefore, strong, adequate and feasible economic policies are needed, which should be implemented for at least a decade or two, and are ought to be protected from all kinds of adversity even after the change of governments in future.
—Via email