Nation ready to face Indian misadventure


ACCORDING to an exclusive story published by this daily on Wednesday, India may try to launch a limited misadventure against Pakistan within next few weeks as the Modi led extremist government has started deployment of sophisticated war machines and reinforcement of troops along the Line of Control (LoC). Given the posture adopted by the Indian side, since installation of Modi as the PM, we have seen increased ceasefire violations on the LoC and the Working Boundary, anything can be expected from the belligerent enemy which is also procuring sophisticated weapons from different countries.
Though Pakistan has always resorted to restraint and pursued the course of peaceful neighbourhood but it is regrettable that the Modi government is bent upon destroying the peace and stability of the region. Instead of reciprocating to Pakistan’s moves, it is upping the ante with the aim to achieve its vested hegemonic designs in the region. Before resorting to any misadventure, the Indians should also not forget the past conflicts when the entire Pakistani nation while standing at the back of their valiant troops compelled the Indian forces to bite the dust. Though our country currently is faced with many challenges but we have no doubt in saying that whenever a difficult situation arises, this nation has risen to the occasion and faced it collectively with full might. Rather this time around our battle-hardened troops are more prepared and well equipped with weaponry such as tactical nuclear weapons to neutralise the Indian forces forthwith on the battlefield. It is therefore better for the Indian side to come out of illusions and pursue the path of peace so that the region could be purged of poverty, backwardness and illiteracy etc. War or any limited conflict will give nothing but death and destruction pushing the region further backward. It is also time for important capitals such as Washington to take notice of the Indian belligerence and use its influence on the country to resolve all outstanding disputes with Pakistan including the core issue of Jammu & Kashmir.