Monty Panesar’s consultancy to the Australians to be closely watched by an Indian player


Bipin Dani
Observer Correspondent


Monty Panesar’s appointment as a mentor for the Australian team ahead of India tour has excited Vidyut Sivaramakrishnan, the 35-year-old slow left-arm orthodox bowler, who played 55 First Class matches in India.
The reason for Vidyut Shiv to be excited is understandable. In his book (Monty’s Turn,Taking my chances) Panesar has made a special mention of Vidyut Shiv’s batting and bowling. “I played him early in his career (India vs. England in the U-19 team). What struck me the most were his basics and spun the ball a lot which is so important for a spinner”.
“Very nice that he wrote about me in his book. I am honoured. I got 12 wickets in that game and hit a six off his bowling which went out of the Wankhede Stadium. (However) I was dismissed the very next ball next over”.
“Panesar will be successful (as a consultant) as he has bowled in India conditions and he understands very well what needs to be done in the subcontinent and what the right speed is to bowl. His experience and knowledge will help the Aussie spinners”, Vidyut Shiv, speaking exclusively from Chennai, said.
Vidyut is aware Muralidharan’s help to the Australian spinners ahead of their Sri Lanka tour didn’t yield positive results as the visitors had lost all three Tests.
“Monty (Panesar) will definitely make a difference, but Team India playing unbelievable at the moment and Kohli’s men are almost impossible to beat”, Shiva added.
Incidentally, Vidyut Siva is also a personal coach of Shivil Kaushik, an IPL player whose bowling action is similar to South Africa’s Paul Adams. Cricket Australia has also hired the services of India’s Sriram Sridharan, the former ODI player as their soin-bowling coach.