Modernisation & young people


Amna Saqib

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. The reformation in technology and new digital media is a verge that is rich with opportunities and risks, particularly for young people. Through the usage of the digital technology, young people are taking part in a collection of activities, counting social networking, blogging, gaming, instant messaging, downloading music and other content, uploading and sharing their own creations and coordinating with the rest of world in a variety of ways. Morality and ethics are not holding any place in the contemporary society and the reason behind this is ethical fault lines that are eminent by such digital pursuits.
There is no place for the morals in the society of young people. Morality has certainly broken down for the young generation. Mass media and social media feed into the ‘anything goes’ mentality that inspires youngsters to act stupidly and do things without thinking about the costs. They are adopting vulgarity as fashion. Indecent form of language and acts are becoming popular and trending in outsourced media which is followed by people at large without objections.
Another perspective is that children and teens are not wide-open to the conditions. On the educational level, teens today are not sufficiently educated on the importance of the morality and developing a set of core ethical values to guide them throughout life. At parental level, communication gap and the lust of earning money to make ends meet has drawn a line in which they are unable to share anything timely and comfortably. The modernized parents have withdrawn their hands in training the youngsters about usage of this technology in a good way. Only the facilitation of the latest technology to children must not be the preference. They should be made aware of its positive usage under their guidance.
The young society has become fickle and shallow, where fast fixes and rapid thrills seem to be all the rage, instead of appreciating patience and hard work which will have long lasting positive results and eyeing into the life from a deeper perspective. It is very imperative duty to voice about this serious, destructive deterioration of ethical and moral values of young people by the modern technology.

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