Observer Report

Islamabad—MNA Iqbal Muhammad Ali Khan has released text of a letter he has addressed to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the issue of Pakistan Super League (PSL) following is the text: “there has been a strange resolution provided by the Board of Governors of the PCB in the meeting which held on November 8, 2016. The meeting was to formalize PSL as an independent Private Limited Company which will be track by its own governing body. Sir, it is also for your kind notice that I remained Chairman Standing Committee on Sports for about 4 years in previous regime and have a deep insight of the affairs of Pakistan Cricket. I have great flare for the problems and burning issues related to Pakistan Cricket, however the reason of underlining the subject matter is based on the below factual:-
We can’t see anywhere in the world nor even in India or Bangladesh where the Test playing country separate its T20 Cricket League from the Cricket Board parting of PSL from PCB will not value the Pakistan cricket but it will exceedingly advantage few individuals.
In all these countries their cricket boards who are solely accountable for the entire domestic and International cricket which takes place in their respective countries. Privatizing the PSL will soon demolish the infrastructure of cricket in Pakistan and not only the international cricket will effect but also it will affect the domestic cricket in our nation.
We all know that the domestic cricket is facing crisis in terms of funds as there is no venture of international cricket in our country. Detaching the PSL from PCB (without solid reasons) will raise more dearth towards funds as this may be the one major source of income for PCB.
We can take an example from the level of shortage of funds for PCB by the fact that we don’t even have enough money to import Kookaburra cricket balls for domestic matches. Recently PCB also approached for financial assistance from ICC.
The previous experience of PSL shows that the franchise teams like Umar Associates, Lahore Qalanders, Karachi Kings, ARY etc. were at financial loss.
The powers of PSL Executive Body may be entrusted to Chief Executive/Chairman PCB for coherent efforts to uplift the overall cricket and domestic cricket in particular.
Once the PSL will become a private limited company, the quality players, coaches and management will move towards locative options of playing in PSL rather than focusing their games for international cricket. They may even be eager to take an early retirement from international cricket, which is digging grave for quality international cricket in Pakistan.
In countries cricket leagues are organized to bring cash to their cricket board, but after this step PCB will remain deprived and the political influential individual will fill their pockets.
After all the analysis, few questions come to mind which I would like to state in this letter:
Creating a separate company is just because to bring high paid jobs by the market for few individuals?
Can we see a better future of PCB after this decision?
If the separation is because of the fact that previous PSL was not upto the mark and could not achieve the desired results, then who were the ones responsible for the failure? Why the Chairman and PM office did not show interference in the previous PSL?
How come PSL managed to spend a huge amount of money (estimated Rs.4 crore) for just one dinner at Lahore whereas the draws were made in Dubai?
There comes a point that Supreme Court has asked BCCI to form a separate body for IPL then why not with PSL? There is some information which needs to be shared.
PCB is a statutory body comes under Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination but BCCI is registered under the Societies Registration Act.
IPL issue is still under the battling phase and BCCI has not gone for the formation of a separate IPL body.
Adding a very important statement, PSL’s failure and accounts are not yet been audited but IPL has been played under BCCI since 2008 and played 9 successful tournaments. Still the separation has not been made.
Considering the above facts and analysis, I must say that the pronouncement of untying PSL is not a viable decision and you must take this matter into your consideration. Your intervention is highly required. Any of the mishaps will directly or indirectly lead to the failure of your decision and Sir, please intervene before the matter goes out of the hand.
Sir, to conclude my brief views on PSL, it is my humble submission to your goodself that the privatization of PSL will prove suicidal for the whole cricket in Pakistan, therefore, the privatization may kindly be avoided in public interest.”