Miandad says he forgives Afridi despite ‘hurtful’ remarks


Afridi wants withdrawal of allegations

Karachi—Former captain Javed Miandad said on Tuesday he has forgiven Shahid Afridi despite the all-rounder’s remark that Miandad was “always talking about money”.
The veteran cricketer told private tv that Afridi’s comment hurt him deeply but being the senior of the two he has decided to forgive him.
Miandad said that he has mentored Afridi for years and his prayers are with the all-rounder.
Afridi and Miandad got involved in an ugly war of words on Sunday, when Afridi said that Miandad was always talking about money. In response, Miandad accused Afridi of being involved in match fixing.
Earlier today Wasim Akram stepped in to play the role of a mediator between Afridi and Miandad. The ‘Swing ka Sultan’ spoke to Shahid Afridi in an attempt to defuse the tension after Afridi’s intention to initiate legal action against Miandad.
“I spoke to Afridi and told him to let it go, Miandad is a senior and he should not drag the issue further in public like this,” Wasim said.
The former captain had said that he was yet to speak with Miandad.
“One is like my teacher and another is like my student. So, I will do whatever I can to defuse the matter,” Wasim had said.
Meanwhile, understandably angry Afridi asked Miandad to withdraw his earlier statements about him.
“I have pardoned Afridi,” Miandad said in an interview adding that Afridi was like a younger brother to him.
“Javed Bhai has pardoned me? Thanks, but has he withdrawn his allegations, what has he got to say to that?” Afridi said while reacting to Miandad’s statement.
Miandad had accused Afridi of selling Pakistan’s matches in response to Afridi’s statement that the former coach was always talking about money.
“I challenge Afridi to swear upon his daughters and say that he didn’t sell Pakistan’s matches,” Miandad said on Sunday.
Afridi says these allegations caused pain & grief to him and his family and fans.
“Is he retracting from his actual allegation,” asked Afridi.
“I consider him an elder and hope he’ll take back his actual words else I’ll have to seek answer and justice to clear my reputation in court,” Afridi said.
The former captain added that playing for Pakistan is his greatest pride and no one can accuse him of selling Pakistan matches. Despite the untoward incident, Afridi says that he hasn’t lost respect for Javed Miandad.
“I want to stress that I have great respect for Javed Bhai he is our hero, our legend, he’s my mentor too. I’ll never lose regard for him’” he said.—Agencies