Mental well-being


Kiran Fatima

Mental health is as important as physical health. People overlook mental health although it is significant attribute of good health. Understanding mental health is very important, mental health is emotional, psychological and social well-being and it has an undeviating influence on how one thinks, feels and acts. Mental health is important at every stage of life from infancy to geriatric. The problem is that we do not like to talk about these glitches because there is a perception that people with mental ailment are violent, they look different from others and like they can never be a productive part of society. These ambiguous stereotype has an adverse influence on people who are trying to cope up with the condition. According to the chairperson of the department of psychiatry at Aga Khan University at Karachi Dr. Ayesha Mian: “Around 50 million people are suffering from mental disorders in Pakistan.” We can help people who are suffering from any mental disorders by accepting their mental health and by giving them emotional, psychological and social support. Family, friends and society play significant role in helping people who have any sort if mental illness. Understanding people is very important. We have to give them courage and motivation to talk about their mental problems and support them during their treatment.