Mayor vows to restore beauty of Islamabad


MAYOR of Islamabad Sheikh Ansar Aziz has echoed sentiments and needs of residents of Islamabad by declaring that the entire infrastructure of the Federal Capital would be changed. Speaking at ‘Meet the Press’ programme of the National Press Club, he pledged to replace water and sewerage lines, maintain green belts, public parks and playgrounds; focus on ‘I’ Sectors, set up a Building Control Authority and remove encroachments, violative of the Islamabad Master Plan.
Islamabad is the national capital and is expanding at phenomenal pace because of understandable reasons. Capital Development Authority deserves credit for developing and maintaining the city but with the passage of time things started deteriorating because of violations of the Master Plan, lack of necessary commitment on the part of the authorities concerned and paucity of required resources. There has been some visible improvement in the road sector but water supply and sewerage systems have turned problematic as worn out lines are intermingling playing havoc with the lives of the citizens. It was, therefore, no surprise that a recent survey found majority of water samples as not fit for human consumption. We have also been hearing about establishment of a Sewage Treatment Plant and scientific disposal of the solid waste but nothing has so far emerged despite plans announced by successive administrations. Commercialization and land-grabbing are eating up much-needed green belts and parks while proper attention is not being paid to improvement of recreational and entertainment facilities. There are many other problems like traffic congestions especially at some important points, inability to open new sectors, lack of required facilities at existing ones, mismanagement in maintenance of government residences, increasing crime rate and, above all, the continuing violations of the Master Plan must get attention of the Mayor, who represents will of the residents. Formation of Citizens’ Committee would be a step in the right direction for resolution of problems of the people, provided its members are selected in a bipartisan manner and they have spotless character.