Mark Boucher welcomes tethered bails for wickets

Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


Former South African wicket keeper Mark Boucher has appreciated the ICC’s decision to use tethered bails for the wickets in matches. 
The ICC has made few changes in the Playing Conditions and accordingly in response to injuries sustained by wicket-keepers in particular, the use of specially designed mechanisms which tether the bails to the stumps, thereby restricting the distance that they can fly off the stumps, but without limiting their ability to be dislodged will be used under Playing Conditions no. 8. 
Speaking exclusively from South Africa, Boucher said, “I’m very happy that sense has finally prevailed. Players and in particular, wicket keepers safety, should always be of the utmost importance”. 
Sadly, Mark Boucher suffered a serious eye injury on 9 July 2012, after being struck on his left eye by a bail and it ended his cricket career. 
“An accident like mine, should serve a purpose in tightening up safety precautions and prolonging players careers without unnecessary injuries”. 
“This new innovation and laws passed, will hopefully ensure that a career ending injury like mine and a few others in the game, never happens again. Well done to the ICC!”, he added. 
There may have  been few other instances when the wicket keepers escaped serious injuries. 
“I don’t know of any others in international cricket, only 1 or 2 school kids. Dhoni got hit, but fortunately didn’t damage his eye too badly”, Boucher, who is a Titans coach, a franchise team in SA and also the Nelson Mandela Bay Stars in the new Global T20 league in SA, signed off.

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