Make defence impregnable


THE nation observed Defence of Pakistan Day on September 6 to pay tributes to the heroes who laid down their lives for the sacred cause of defence of the motherland in September 1965 when Indian forces dreamt of having drinks at Lahore Gymkhana but had to lick dust. People vowed to stand united to foil enemy designs especially in the backdrop of prevailing geo-strategic environment that presents immense challenges to security and integrity of the country.
A number of functions were held throughout the country to highlight rationale of the Defence Day and President Mamnoon Hussain and Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi issued messages assuring countrymen that Pakistan was fully capable of defeating aggression. They rightly pointed out that we could only defeat our enemies through strict adherence to the cardinal principles of unity, faith and discipline laid down by Father of the Nation Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. There were calls from different leaders and important personalities about making defence of the country impregnable yet the objective cannot be achieved without unity and an all-encompassing approach. Strong defence demands proper financial investments to strengthen indigenous defence production capabilities, modernisation of weapon systems and training of the armed forces as per modern day requirements. However, it must be kept in mind that for a developing country like Pakistan there is a limit to defence expenditure and it was not possible for the country to match the enemy in each of the move. It is with this in view that the planners have been focusing on modernisations and diversification of the country’s nuclear and missile programmes to make them relevant in emerging technological scenario and regional, global realities. However, most important aspect of the issue is that we need to strengthen our economy as defence, security and sovereignty of the country would remain compromised until and unless the country has financial and economic sovereignty. And that demands putting the country first and foremost by adopting practices of good governance, eradicating corruption and asserting a political system with proper accountability, check and balance system. If we are genuinely interested to strengthen defence of Pakistan meaningfully and thwart designs of the enemy, people and rulers would have to follow rule of law to reinforce the State of Pakistan and its institutions.