Mad rush for purchases main cause of price rise, religious scholars to issue edits about it


Salahuddin Haider

THE Holy month of Ramazan-ul-mubarak began Saturday evening. Devotees throughout the Muslim World got busy with prayers and divine guidance for their lives, families, near and dear ones, and for begging pardon for their sins. But they tend to forget, Ramazan is also the name of piety, good behavior, controlled life, and above all avoiding wasteful expenditures . These noble principles have also been taught to Muslims by God Almighty through Holy Book, Quran-e-Hameed, and His Messenger Holy Prophet Mohammad (saw).
Unfortunately, all these sermons and golden principles have been forgotten. A mad rush is seen, in fact began with the advent of Ramazul-Muharram on 27th evening(dusk which is also Maghreb time and beginning of Islamic day) with housewives, males, as custodians of their families, buying hysterically.
Their argument that this is done for welcoming the Ramazan, is flimsy one. God ordained to avoid unnecessary (asraf) expenses in daily life, and keep it for those unfortunate, and have-nots so that they can life an honourable life.
Every Muslim has been taught by Holy Prophet to lead a normal life. In fact, the Prophet (Pbuh) led a simple life, breaking fact with just khujoor and water, and commanded his followers, and companions to do the same.
He had told his followers to use the clean and best clothese available to them to wear for going to the Eidgahs for the nafle shukrana on eidul fitr. Nowehere in Islam has ordained to buy new clothes, but the way purchases are made and rush is seen in markets, malls and shops during the Ramazanul Mubarak is actually reverse of what we the Muslims have been told to do.
The result is an obvious price hike, rising to unbearable limits. No amount of sermons and edicts, television programme asking people to lead a simple life, can work. Consumer resistance is the only and the most effective remedy to keep the prices in check.
If people stopped going to shops and Malls, for wasteful expenditures, prices will automatically come down. The simple principle of supply and demand will automatically come into effect. Religious scholars as obligation must issue edicts asking people to avoid wasteful expenditures during Ramazan, and eidul fitr. It is in the interest of Ummah that such “fatwas” are issued.
Sehar and Iftar ought to be simple. Simple, normal dinner is enough. Holding of parties, for Iftar and lavish dinner has actually become fashion since many decades. Such parties originate from the days of the Nawabs and richer sections of the Muslim population after Ameer Muawia introduced the concept of kingdom in Islam which was unknown to it till before him. The nawabs of united India used to invite lavish iftar-dinner parties, which even modern medical science objects to. It causes unnecessary fat in our bodies, bloats you, and leads to serious diseases. Leading Doctors, including eminent and country’s pride Dr Adeeb Rizvi, has advised people to avoid taking beverages and aerated waters after Iftar for it may cause problems and damage kidneys.
Such practices are now to be avoided. Consumer resistance must build up to keep the prices in check in Pakistan. We in Pakistan have learnt to be wasteful from Hindus of India and in today’s Pakistan richer sections, high government officers, politicians all have tried to maintain these old traditions, to the disadvantage of the people.
Necessary purchases are essential and unavoidable, but to be wasteful needs to be avoided.