Load-shedding affecting students


Nowadays in our country power failure of electric supply has been a normal phenomenon and one cannot deny truth that our country is going backward day by day. The hours-long un-sheduled Load-shedding increased the miseries of students. They are busy in preparing for their examinations and it is unimaginable to study without electricity. Because of this the valuable time of students is going to be wasted. Their daily routine timetable is disturbed which will affect their future also.
Not only the intermediate students but also the university level students including me are also affected by power failure. The hot weather has made the problem even more serious. Frequent power breakdowns have turned life of people miserable. Who has to resolve this issue? Of course, it’s the government duty. It’s their responsibility to provide the people with basic utilities like power supply. Even our country has many resources to produce electricity of its own. But the Government is not taking any serious action.
Abdul Mouid Samana