Literacy in Pakistan

Ramsha Asif

Literacy rate is one of the most relevant indicator of education. According to the latest survey conducted by Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement (PSLM), the literacy rate of male population was 70 percent during 2015, while in case of females, it was 49 percent that shows the gap of 21 percent. Education is vital component of human development and a basic right of every citizen. Pakistan is committed to promote education, increase literacy rate, capacity building of teachers and enhancement of facilities in all educational institutions. Federal and provincial govts are committed to provide free education up to Matric level.
Pakistan vision 2025 aims at substantial expansion as well as improvements in the quality of education and increasing public expenditures to 4.0 percent of GDP by 2018. Comprehensive reforms comprising of detailed action in curriculum, technological, social and economic sectors. The 11th five year plan (2013-2018) aims at enhancing management and administrative capacities in education sector at all levels. It also includes governance reforms and adoption of regulatory and structural improvement by the system.

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